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Tyco International plc was a security systems company incorporated in the Republic of Ireland, with operational headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, United States (Tyco International (US) Inc.). Tyco International was composed of two major business segments: security solutions and fire protection.

A former employee speaks up about Tyco's practices on seek.com.au, "TYCO buys a lot of smaller companies to put under the TYCO banner, unfortunately they sell those and a lot of staff get let go at one time."


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Former Employee - Electro-mechanical Technician says

"Pay & Benefit cuts. Illiterate work force coached directly by management to pass ISO14971 certifications for Class I &II Medical devices."

Current Employee - Machinde Operator says

"Lowest factory pay in the area. Terrible employee benefits. Near constant overtime, can't have a life outside of JCI. Takes responsibility of upper management and dumps it on their shop floor employees. Refuses to shut down production during a pandemic, still posts mandatory over time, tells parents they have to use all their vacation and sick time before they can have unpaid time off to care for children during a health crisis. Takes chairs out of the lunch room to practice social distancing, while insisting they keep operations going. Allows abusive, toxic supervisors to terrorize employees. Places importance on production and profits over employee's own well being."

Former Employee - Commercial Sales says

"Literally pay at poverty level and look to swindle you out of commission whenever and however possible. Management must be given incentive to minimize commission payout, because I have never experienced an organization so adverse to paying their reps. Instead they have $25 sales contests and hand out $10 Subway gift cards like it was the year 1919 instead of 2020."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Everything at this company is a con"

Former Employee - Machine Operator says

"1. No communication between managers. No one in any given department ever knew what was happening in other areas of the plant - even when one product pipeline fed directly into theirs. Managers spent the majority of their time behind closed doors in meetings yet never seemed to have any information. 2. Culture of apathy. I trained in the ARINC department under a woman who'd been working in that department for over 20 years. I asked her once what ARINC stood for. She not only had no idea but was genuinely baffled by my question. How do you do something for 20 years and care so little that you don't even know what the name of your division means? This level of indifference was reflected throughout the plant. The aforementioned is simply the most poignant example. 3. Process improvement was a joke. They hired a guy to completely overall our department's process. We were included in meetings to discuss the intended changes and provided our insight. They asked us what we thought and then ignored everything we said. They made their changes - a time consuming and expensive process. All of our concerns prior to the change proved true. Six months after the change they did a process audit. Their change was projected to improve productivity by 40%. Instead it dropped 60%. They asked us why and we restated our initial concerns. Corporate big shots would visit and we watched them lie about the improvement, claiming they realized their goal when just a week ago they told us productivity had dropped. Eventually they outsourced the entire thing to China. 4. No job security. Many departments were outsourced to China or Mexico at once, leaving nearly half the plant empty as our jobs went to other countries. Doing this across so many areas of a single plant at once makes employees extremely concerned for their jobs. 5. '5 s' taken too far. I support cleanliness and organization, and thus a '5 S' approach to standardizing shared work spaces is a valuable tool. Tyco implemented such a plan while I was there but took it way too far. They started taping off sections of people's desks who worked in the office, in non-shared work spaces, and labeling EVERYTHING - including people's family photos and the clock that hung on the wall. That is not a joke. They literally labeled the clock. 6. Mandatory overtime when no work was available. When departments depend on other departments for the materials needed to do their jobs; there is point making department #2 work mandatory OT when department #1 is failing to supply the pipeline."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I don’t like the management"


"Micromanage, redundant paperwork to address inventory management, sales process and many other dysfunctional systems. Telephone sales competes with external sales force in an unfair way."

Former Employee - Route Sales Representative says

"Terrible management, no organization, no communication, very frustrating at times. Need to adapt or get left behind. High prices to customers"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Limited growth and company focus"

Former Employee - Management says

"Good old (White) boys club.. Customers VERY dissatisfied because not enough team to perform projects on time. Cut throat managers."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Rude supervisors and human resources that usually has a lot of things going. You have to meet certain quotas if you don't they get on to you and write you up because you ain't trying"

Dispatcher/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"In the several months I was here, I never once felt comfortable with the cleanliness of the facility. It was a DISGUSTING floor. The carpet was stained with god knows what. The chairs were stained with Urine and Feces due to the unreal amount of incontinent employees. The management was unfit to train, much less oversee the amount of people there was. There was no support system for agents. Agents were overburdened with the work of multiple system areas with barely enough pay for one. Do not apply here if you value your time, your health or your sanityNoneUnhealthy work enviorment"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Awful, dreadful, bullying. it was the most unpleasant employment I have ever had I regret the day I joined. Regular bulling from my Line Manager, no support on projects and constant intimidation in a blame culture"

GESTOR TELEFÓNICO (Former Employee) says

"Contrataron a traves de empresa temporal a varias personas, y las echaron a todas, una mujer porque se habia quedado embarazada y a las demas por motivos totalmente injustificados."

Project Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not good at all, very informal and at a gas station Very bad company to work for. They have cliques and very prejudice. Customers relationship very bad and keeping upto promises never."

N/a (Former Employee) says

"Stay away!!! GM only hires males for all executive positions HR unprofessional Hourly staff severely underpaid Restructuring- best are let go Stressful and no work life balance"

Lead Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Its okay, only if you just need a job. You may start as a temp and then become permanent a year later. The benefits are okay, managers are horrible. Just a job."


"it was a good job at the time, they lay off a lot, this job is not a stable job for any employee. I would not go back to work there again even if they paid me.hour lunchno advancement"

Fire Alarm Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible. Erogant and kiss asserts. Favoritism and micro management. Old school style of trust. Complete out of time and reallity. Company loosing customers left and right but management still not pay there price because the number still match for bosses.NonePoison atmosphere"

Emergency Dispatch Operator (Former Employee) says

"They don't pay you for the work that you do and the managers don't listen to your feedback. It has been bought and sold several times and just not worth the effortNothingEverything"

Emergency Dispatch Operator (Former Employee) says

"GOOD STARTING JOB OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL but nothing else management only wants to work every last dime out of everyone to see who wll break. Once you become established they will force you and NOT ASK to take on more responsibly that u have to pay for like BEING LISCENCED.for young first time job onlyHorrible office conditions"

Core Commercial Integrated Systems Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"In all of my time dealing with, as an equipment rep, and then as an employee, Tyco was in a constant state of flex or chaos. Lack of management, lack of focus and little accountability resulted in poor morale, high turnover, low level talent and lost customers across the board."

Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"i enjoyed workig for tyco but mangement were not fair worked very long hours and no life balance they need to do more to keep staff happy friendly atmosphere, nice place to work (yoou learn alot)"

Monitoring (Former Employee) says

"Management is a mess. Systems are not up to date or extremely unorganized. Too many changes. Looked down upon if you are unable to work overtime. Crowded workspace. Management plays favorites. Long time employees make very inappropriate jokes. No room to move up the ladder.NoneToo many"

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"The management never stood behind their employees. They would talk badly about other representatives in public places and were not professional at all."

Regional Technical Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"no team work, no management for years, disorganized unsafe procedures salary is a joke technicians have no clue and no experience what so ever half the techs are on stress disability most of the year no respect among management and staffnonemany, can't be tracked"

Contracting Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Selfish company that does not care about their employees well being or job security at all. This company is purely about making a profit at any expense. Benefit and salary were horrible and the work culture was toxic, unwelcoming, unresponsive, and one sided."

Accounts Receivable (Former Employee) says

"Daily work list of outstanding accounts. Meetings everyday along with training with different people everyday causing confusion everyone works different no one follows the same procedure. Over 80 emails to go over and problem solve. Cold calling for collections overdue and dealing with tax issues, leans,bonds, waivers, contract issues. Learned a lot in short amount of time and training. Management tended to brush a lot of workload on others that I feel they should of been doing. Co-workers very helpful I think it was because it was a mutual bond of being overloaded with the expectations. Keeping up was never accomplished because of the over load. Work 8:00 am to 8:00 pm could not keep up. The best part was the co-workers compassion for each other. You need to work on aging, you need to answer your emails, you need to get ready for three meetings, you need to go to trainings, you need to make # of collection calls, you need to solve this and do that. Calgon take me away no lie.....One hour lunchNo recognition, no job security"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"This company keeps the local paper and the websites that list jobs in business because they're constantly posting positions whether directly thru Tyco or through a staffing agency so that should be a red flag right there. And not just for general plant labor, in the offices too. You can't trust anyone from management to a general employee there, always felt like you were walking on egg shells. I was told by some lifers there that it was once a fun place to work when it was locally owned and called Ansul. Once Tyco bought it out, it's like any other major corporation that doesn't value it's workers and keeps them coming in and out the door. Don't waist your time.NoneMy review should give you an idea, lol."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"making fire products on production line or sometimes working alone packing boxes or delivery cleaning up work place testing the products stamping time and datenoneearly starts"

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